Auden Guitars at Gear Expo 2021

Johnny Marr, Auden
Johnny Marr, Auden (Image credit: Auden)

Black Series, Maple Series and The York

I’ve been using Auden acoustics a lot on my recent recordings. They’re very nice to play and sound really good both plugged into the desk and in front of a mic too. They made me a custom 12 string which I love. It use it a lot.

Johnny Marr

At home, in the studio or on the road, your guitar travels with you on your journey in music. Finding the right guitar is a milestone in that journey. 

It has to look great, be reliable and be ready for you every time you take it from its case. But more than that – it has to feel right in your hands and project a sound that comes from inside you. It’s a reflection of your moods and your feelings, a friend you turn to in the good times and the bad.

Our journey in creating these guitars has taken us around the world, collecting as we travelled a team of exceptional craftsmen and the very best materials we could find. Luthiers from America, China and the UK take woods from around the world and electronics from Australia to produce outstanding guitars that are exceptional value. 

From our big bodied Grace, Colton and Austin models, our medium sized Chester, Julia and Bowman through to the smaller ‘parlour’ sized Emily Rose, there is a guitar in the range to suit every style of playing.

Every Auden guitar is built from hand selected, solid tonewoods and created in a partnership production model, by highly skilled luthiers in our workshops in Asia and the UK.  

The ground-breaking SuperNatural pick up, designed and manufactured by guitar industry legend Brad Clark features in every guitar we produce.  Recreating the sound, feel and dynamics of a truly acoustic guitar but amplified.

Despite the world being in lockdown 2020 has been a busy year for Auden with new ranges – The Black Series and The Maple Series launching and a brand new instrument  – The York, a nylon stringed crossover guitar.

We are proud to present Auden guitars to you. They are built for your journey.

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