Brian May-approved guitarist Arielle returns with new single '73

(Image credit: Andrew McMeekin)

Arielle has returned with a slide guitar-heavy new single '73, the title track of her forthcoming album due on 20 April. 

It once again showcases the guitar, vocal and songwriting talents of the young Texan,  who was chosen as Brian May Guitars' first signature artist in 2021, and has been championed by the Queen legend.

The new album - mixed by Kevin Shirley and mastered by Bob Ludwig – is a tribute of sorts to Arielle's 50-year old 1973 Volkswagen Bay Window camper van that features in the video and is fondly referred to by the musician as Magick. “I bought my bus because every time I step into it, I feel like it’s a time machine,” says Arielle. "Every time I step in, it takes me back to ’73.”

In addition to Arielle's special guest appearance on When Rivers Meet’s April and May 2023 UK tour (tickets), Arielle's BMG signature guitar is now available in a new limited edition finish; Cherry Red. 

“Arielle’s playing reaches places I never knew existed… I believe this guitar will do the same,” Brian May said when Arielle's original signature model was released. 

The new finish joins Windermere Blue and the original Two Tone finish in the lineup. Inspired by the guitar, also called Two Tone, that Arielle made herself, the BMG Arielle is a 24-inch scale mahogany body neck model with an asymmetric shape plus raised centre strip for enhanced resonance.


(Image credit: Brian May Guitars)

The guitar features a trio of BMG Tri-Sonic-style pickups inspired by May's Red Special guitar, along with the BM switching system; allowing each pickup to be engaged individually in addition to phase reversal. There's also a Wilkinson WVP tremolo and 18:1 ratio thumbwheel locking tuners.  


(Image credit: Andrew McMeekin)

More info at Brian May Guitars and to preorder Arielle's new album head to

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