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Anasounds’ Element is a spring reverb pedal that uses actual spring tanks

French pedal co Anasounds reckons it’s cracked the secret to nailing the Twin Reverb, erm, reverb in a pedal by using actual spring tanks to produce the sound with its new Element stompbox.

The pedal itself is styled as a typical stompbox, but features an RCA connector to hook up to an external spring tank.

Three sizes of tank are available - Le Bon, La Brute and Le Truand - with the first two designed to be mounted on top of or beneath a pedalboard, while the latter is probably too big for even the largest pedalboards, but Anasounds reckons it’s the best-sounding of all.

Control-wise, the Element features a wet volume, dry/wet mix, low, high and, most intriguingly, a spring saturation switch, which ups the output and ekes an overdrive/fuzz sound out of the spring itself.

Looks like the best reverb pedals might have some competition in the spring category...

The Element is available now, starting at €190, from Anasounds.

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