Analogue Solutions officially releases a Eurorack version of its Treadstone synth

Analogue Solutions has announced the release of its Treadstone synth in Eurorack form, originally teased at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin.

The latest in the SynthBlocks line, which also includes Dr Strangelove and Mr Hyde sound processors, has ditched the case and PSU in favour of a 21HP faceplate.

The module is pre-patched, but does provide a large selection of patch sockets to re-patch within itself for alternative sounds, or to incorporate into an existing modular setup.

For the space conscious the unit is rather shallow at only 30mm deep, so also ideal for many slim skiff cases.

Treadstone features

  • VCO with pulse width and Sub Osc 
  • 24db SSM low pass filter
  • LFO
  • VCA
  • EG
  • Digital echo
  • MIDI to CV converter 
  • Multiple patch sockets

The Eurorack version of Treadstone is available now, retailing for £359/€419/$399. More details can be found on the Analogue Solutions website.

Simon Arblaster
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