All hail the Lizard Queen! Josh Scott's vision of a '70s Electro-Harmonix octave fuzz pedal has become a reality for us all

Electro Harmonix Lizard Queen pedal
(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

NAMM 2023: The Lizard Queen has had a very unusual birth as a fuzz pedal, even by Electro-Harmonix standards. The pedal first surfaced as a a design by Josh Scott of JHS Pedals in an episode of the JHS Show on YouTube a year ago. His mission statement; design and pedal to look, feel and sound like a missing link for Electro-Harmonix's history. Now it's just been announced as a production model in the EHX catalogue. 

"The nano-sized pedal is the vintage EHX octave fuzz that never was but now is!" says the New York company. 

As usual, EHX's Tom Burda delivers a superb demo showing off the final Lizard Queen – seriously, this talented tonesmith must sell a lot of pedals with his videos for the company. The final version is a smaller nano production model of Scott's '70s-style big box original featuring Daniel Danger's graphic design and the JHS man's circuit design.

The pedal has an octave control for you to blend in as much as you want, and a 'shadow' and 'sun' Balance control that veers between smooth and raspy. As Burda demonstrates, it sounds great for bass guitar too.

The Lizard Queen is $99 and you can head to to find out more. 


Rob Laing
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