Acoustica at Gear Expo 2024: The New Mixcraft 10.5 – The DAW Where Innovation Meets Value for Desktop Music Producers

GEAR EXPO 2024: Mixcraft is Acoustica's highly-acclaimed audio workstation (DAW) software for Windows that offers a perfect balance of value and user-friendliness for music creators. Mixcraft has been a go-to choice for professionals and beginners since its initial release in 2004. The latest version, Mixcraft 10.5, introduces many new refinements and innovations, such as AI-powered stem separation.

In 2023, the introduction of Mixcraft 10 transformed the software into a more intuitive and feature-rich digital audio workstation. Mixcraft 10 received critical acclaim from MusicRadar, who praised its exceptional value and called it "one of the best music apps out there in terms of features vs. price." Mixcraft has two versions: Recording Studio and Pro Studio, which offers more power tools, instruments, and effects. 

With the new Mixcraft 10.5 updatefree to Mixcraft 10 owners — Acoustica has enhanced the virtual studio with new features to inspire users and increase productivity. Every improvement in Mixcraft 10.5 aims to improve ease of use, stability, and innovation, allowing musicians to achieve their music goals faster and with professional-level quality.

Mixcraft 10.5

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Some of the new features in Mixcraft 10.5 include Project Templates, which offer task-specific presets for tasks such as podcasting setups, mastering, video editing, and more. MIDI controller support has been expanded, and the new Quick Access panel enables users to quickly add, remove, and reorder instruments and effects on virtual tracks.

Behind the interface improvements is a solid backbone of enhanced stability and plugin support. Mixcraft's robust Plugin Manager displays native and third-party installed virtual instruments and effects plugins, giving users several customisation options to manage and navigate their VSTs more easily.

The Mixcraft Store tab, introduced in version 10, now offers over 100 items from top brands, many of which are free. Manufacturers include Addictive Drums, Antares, Baby Audio, Blue Cat, Cherry Audio, D16, FabFilter, Kilohearts, Kuassa, and PSP Audioware. Soundtrack Loops, Loopmasters, and others also offer a great selection of loops and sample packs. The new Loyalty Credit program rewards Mixcraft users with points that they can apply as virtual cash towards purchases in the expansive Mixcraft Store.

Mixcraft 10.5

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These features and improvements are standard in both Mixcraft 10.5 Recording Studio and the feature-rich Mixcraft 10.5 Pro Studio.

Mixcraft 10.5 Pro Studio offers an exclusive new feature: the AI-powered Stem Separation tool. With Stem Separation, users can quickly isolate parts of a mixed audio file, such as vocals, piano, drums, and other instruments, into individual tracks, ready for editing, inspection, or replacement. Pro Studio also offers powerful features like Track Regions, audio and MIDI routing, Melodyne pitch shifting, and acclaimed plugins like Cherry Audio's DCO-106, Stardust 201, and Galactic Reverb.

Mixcraft 10.5

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Whether you're a professional or a beginner, Mixcraft 10.5 offers an irresistible opportunity to upgrade your studio without the burden of complexity or cost. Current Mixcraft 10 users can enjoy a complimentary update, while newcomers can try a free, fully functional 14-day trial and take advantage of the special introductory pricing at

Get started today and discover why Mixcraft is the DAW that's in tune with you.

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Mixcraft 10.5

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