A boost pedal with no controls – what's going on here!?

This is a new one on us – a boost pedal with no controls, only a footswitch. Believe the HYPE, indeed! 

Daredevil's Hype boost streamlines the concept to let its FET (field-effect transistor) do all the talking. And this is no gimmick – Daredevil says it's a design that's been seven years in the making. 

(Image credit: Daredevil)

In a refreshing move, the company has said the Hype has nothing to do  "clean transparent boost or any cork sniffing metaphors you may have heard". Instead he HYPE is proud to be "big and nasty", and Daredevil says its boost that gain stacks superbly with other pedals.

Inside the HYPE there's a small trim pot inside for setting output level but it's preset at a level most players should get along with fine. 

It's handmade in Chicago and keenly-priced at $89. Find out more at daredevilpedals.com

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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