Johnny Marr rules out Morrissey reconciliation saying there’s “zero chance” he’ll ever work with him again

Johnny Marr
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Johnny Marr has delivered a definitive blow to any optimistic fans of The Smiths who might be hoping for a reconciliation between Marr and vocalist Morrissey, after stating that that the two will never work together again.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright, Marr told listeners that there is “zero” chance of him and Morrissey burying the hatchet, adding that the last time they spoke was “18, or maybe 15” years ago.

In case there was any doubt over the pair’s feelings towards each other following years of back-and-forth, the former bandmates most recently reignited their feud after Morrissey addressed Marr in an open letter via his website, asking the guitarist to stop mentioning his name in interviews.

“Would you please, instead, discuss your own career, your own unstoppable solo achievements and your own music? If you can, would you please just leave me out of it?”

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Marr retaliated via Twitter, making light of Morrisey’s approach saying, “An ‘open letter’ hasn’t really been a thing since 1953, It’s all ‘social media’ now. Even Donald J Trump had that one down. Also, this fake news business…a bit 2021 yeah ?”

Marr addressed the recent spat in an interview with The Times, saying “When you’re attacked out of the blue, particularly in public, you have to defend yourself.

“The letter was designed to be insulting, wasn’t it? That has to have been the idea. If it’s something that’s not based in fact, you have to react in kind, which is just with ridicule.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Marr's latest solo album, Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 is out now.

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