100 gecs on Skrillex: "He has all this gear and all these synths, but then just uses his laptop - no monitor, no mouse, nothing. All you need is a laptop"

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Hyperpop duo 100 gecs have expressed admiration for Skrillex's in-the-box approach to production in an interview surrounding the release of their new album. 

Speaking with Music Tech, Dylan Brady and Laura Les opened up about their experiences collaborating with the influential producer, who initially reached out to them after hearing a demo of their 2022 track Torture Me.

"He has all this gear and all these synths, but then just uses his laptop, no monitor, no mouse, nothing," Brady says. "I never saw him play the synths once and he’s just making the best shit I’ve ever heard. All you need is a laptop."

Les described working with Skrillex as "the craziest experience; watching him go on his laptop and put something together in just five minutes is insane [...] It’s crazy watching somebody do it with such ease."

Elsewhere in the interview, Brady and Les discussed their approach to producing the recently released second album, 10,000 gecs. The pair recorded in various studios across Los Angeles during the making of the record, including EastWest Studios, known for playing host to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine

After experimenting with a variety of outboard gear during the making of the album, Les concluded that she prefers a similarly stripped-back setup to Skrillex. "We got the gear, tried it out, it was pretty good, but it’s not that much better than doing everything in the box. And it’s way fucking easier.”

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Listen to 100 gecs' "One million Dollars" below.

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