Star tip of the week: Pat Metheny on rock'n'roll rebellion

Pat metheny

Pat metheny

Another week, another tasty star soundbite from the Guitar Techniques archive. Here Pat Metheny talks jazz vs rock'n'roll rebellion…

"It's funny, because people talk about rock 'n' roll as the music of rebellion. But to me, jazz was always - and still is - much more rebellious than rock 'n' roll.

"Rock 'n' roll has become totally predictable, and everybody has been doing the same thing for 25 years. Jazz, to me, was always the music of individuality. There are so many colourful characters within the jazz spectrum and, as a form, it really demands that you get in touch with your own personal self."

"If you don't have your own sound in jazz, then basically it's nothing. In rock, the more you can sound like everyone else, the better!"

*Example tract taken from Talking Guitars by David Mead, published by Sanctuary, ISBN: 1-86074-620-9. Price £9.99 (UK), $14.99 (USA).