Mono M80 guitar case review

While a hard case is the best option for protecting your precious guitar, it can be cumbersome and heavy when travelling.

Soft guitar cases greatly improve weight and space issues but impact damage is increased so there's a middle ground that has needed addressing. Enter Mono, a San Francisco based company that makes an array of hybrid cases for laptops through to musical instruments.

For guitarists (or bassists or Ukulele players), Mono offer the M80 range of strong and light zipper cases that feature a laminated foam shell with protective panels, inner protective Headlock (patented) neck brace, shoulder straps and a waterproof outer shell.

In addition, there are three pockets for storage - an upper zippered 'hidden' one for small items, an open one at the back for the shoulder straps (or music scores) and a large front zippered pocket. This latter pocket has a deep gusset that provides plenty of room for music books, cables, headphones and digital recorders.

Aside from the waterproof Sharkskin (TM) material and solid rubber bottom, it's the case's inner protection that provides the ultimate appeal. The raised Headlock neck brace and velcro strap will keep your guitar's neck in place and protected, even if it's accidentally dropped.

Furthermore, the gap formed by the additional two foam bumpers at the case's bottom is ingenious - the strap lock won't be driven into the guitar's body if the case is vertically dropped. With strong steel riveted handle and shoulder straps, the Mono M80 is a smart and very practical case that is strong enough to protect your instrument and light enough to carry with ease.

The RRP for the Mono M80 is £139.

For more info visit Mono's site.