Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower

Eric Bibb: In My Father's House

A rootsy and funky acoustic guitar driven song by this talented blues based singer/songwriter

Guitarists You Should Know

We, like you, know it's necessary to celebrate guitar icons like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Slash and many many others. Thing is, where are the new players that should be lauded? More importantly, what are they doing on the guitar that is soooooo outstanding? Look no further as GT's virtuosic multi-stylist (with a rather fine turn on all things Django and rock fusion), John Wheatcroft has scoured youtube and bought up half of Amazon's CD stock to present you with eighteen players that are knocking everyone's socks off!

Bernie Marsden

Whitesnake's outstanding blues rocker has recorded a blues solo just for you!

Sonny Landreth

Insert the CD-ROM into your computer to watch one of the world's most important (read, tasty chops) slide guitarists in action. What control, what tone!

Tribute to Davy Graham

We salute the late DADGAD master

Metal Bootcamp: legato part 3

Drill seargeant Martin Goulding continues to get your fretting hand up to speed!


U2's The Edge is a modern guitar stylist. Martin Cooper will find what you're looking for…

Prog RockJan Akkerman, ex-Focus

Gianluca goes all lickity-quickity-pickity over Holland's highly revered guitarist

Creative Rock

The dark and intriguing world of diminished 7ths as considered by jazz metaller, Shaun Baxter


Charlie Parker, one of jazz's guv'nors. Pete Callard tips his hat to the late saxophonist

on sale 29th january 2009