Taylor Eight-string Baritone - hands on

Taylor's new Eight-string Baritone acoustic offers a unique, deeper sound for acoustic buccaneers wanting to expand their tonal range.

Here at Guitarist, we're committed to getting the best new and exciting gear to you first and our Incoming Gear blog gives you a sneak peek at the gear that you'll be reading about in a forthcoming issue of Guitarist.

Kicking things off is Taylor's brand new and very unique Eight-string Baritone acoustic, which hails from the company's limited Specialty range. The Baritone is designed to let acoustic players take advantage of the Baritone's lower register, but maintain usual tension thanks to a 27-inch scale length.

Tuned to B (B E A D F# B), the Baritone utilises the Taylor GS body shape and a wood combination of Indian rosewood with Sitka spruce that aids the lower tonal register. The Baritone is offered in either six-string or eight-string models with each sporting two octave strings for extra dynamism.

In just a few days of this unique guitar kicking around the office, it's become a real favourite, adding a new dimension to anything you play. Keep an eye out for the full review of Taylor's Baritone in issue 330 of Guitarist.

To learn more about the Taylor Eight-string Baritone Acoustic, visit the Taylor Guitars website.