Hammer Of The Gods: Metal Hammer festival news

Following on from the successful holiday camp-based

Hard Rock Hell

festivals in the last two years, Pontins at Prestatyn Sands, North Wales is playing host to a bevvy of guitar talent on 24 and 25 April with



Early Bird, Budget and Gold apartment ticket packages have already sold out but there's good news for young metal fans - Hammerfest has now changed their licence to come in line with other UK festivals and opened up entry to 16 and 17 year olds.

A total of 45 bands have already been announced with another five more to follow, Hammerfest will be an event not to be missed. These include veterans and upcoming talent, plus a headline set from Guitarist-favourites Opeth.

So who's playing?

{Deep breath}

Bullet For My Valentine, Opeth, Saxon, Hammerfall, Skindred, Cathedral, Alestorm, Grand Magus, Sabbat, Exit Ten, Trigger The Bloodshed, Annotations of an Autopsy, TYR and Dream Evil, Bleed From Within, The Argent Dawn, Nex, Many Things Untold, The Morning After, Open The Skies, Sworn Amongst, The Dead Lay Waiting, Avarus, With Chaos In Her Wake, Blood Island Raiders, Architects, Warpath, Wolf, Lethargy, Thirteenth Sign, Firebrand Super Rock, Tesseract, Gama Bomb, Sylosis, Scared Mother Tongue, The Hollow Earth Theory, Waylander, Mutant, Miramar Disaster, Attica Rage, Voodoo Six and Mencea…

Tickets include two nights´ accommodation and entrance to all six arenas as well as free car parking. We've been told they're selling out fast so don't hang about.

You can purchase tickets from:


Call 0870 011 0034


Call 0871 424 4444


Call 0871 220 0260