Grace Notes: Jeff Buckley biography coming next month

Despite only releasing one studio album in his short lifetime, the late Jeff Buckley is still one of the most influential figures on contemporary music today. His legacy is fascinating - but what of the man himself? Next month will see the release of a book that give a valuable insight into the thirty years of Jeff's life.

Named after Bono's famous quote about Jeff (‘Jeff Buckley was a pure drop in an ocean of noise.´), Jeff Apter's A Pure Drop explorers Buckley's life as a musician and his struggle with the legacy of his father, Tim Buckley. Jeff's friends, peers, enemies, lovers, collaborators and others are set to speak out in the book and the contents of his many personal letters are revealed for the first time.

The book will be released on 8 September.

Australian author Jeff Apter has written seven successful biographies including, Fornication: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story; Never Enough: The Story Of The Cure; A New Tomorrow: The Silverchair Story. He spent five years as Music Editor of Australian Rolling Stone and has been writing professionally for 20 years. He is a contributor to Vogue and GQ and also writes for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin, and Australian Hi-Fi.