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Dean Schenker Brothers V – We Got One!

There are 200 of them on this entire spinning blue ball o´water. Most are sold, and only a very small number will make their way over to Blighty. We´re talking about the Dean US Schenker Brothers V, natch.

Well, thanks to Mick at Bill Lewington, Dean´s UK distributor, we got our meaty mitts on #8, and what a guitar it is. It´s so over the top it´s actually cool - a little like The Scorpions, to be fair - and that design on the maple top is laser etched to perfect clarity.

Each guitar is personally signed by both Rudolf and Michael Schenker and you´re going to have to move fast to grab one.

We´ll be featuring the guitar in our March issue (GIT313) so, until then, you´ll have to make do with these shots. We´re pulling a face to take attention away from the excellently gurning design on the guitar.

Both photos (C) Dave 'Pull It To The Side' Durban...

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