Automatic recruit: Welsh band replace keyboard player with a singer

Remember that bloke from The Automatic that played the keyboard, yelped a lot and jumped around (aka Alex Pennie)? Well you may already know he's jumped ship, but the band have thrown a curveball with regards to his replacement: it's Paul Mullen, singer from yourcodenameismilo.

"Since Mullen's arrival in The Automatic camp they have written several new songs for the next album, which is scheduled for release early next year," reports the website of excellent and underappreciated music magazine Rocksound.

So is he playing keyboards? And who's doing the yappy dog parts that Pennie 'performed' so well? It's a mystery right now. Meanwhile, yourcodenameismilo announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus in August so we're guessing this news makes it indefinitely indefinite.