BCR Performer


BCR Performer is an application that acts as a driver for the Behringer BCR2000 MIDI Controller. One of the strong points of the BCR is the fact that it updates the LED's on the knobs and buttons based on information received from Audio/MIDI Software. This means that unlike normal knobs, the knobs on the BCR are always updated to be at the correct value. If you assign a knob on the BCR to the Filter Cutoff of a synth, the host will in turn send a message to the BCR to make sure the correct value is displayed on the LED's around a knob.

This works within a single BCR preset, but when you work with multiple BCR presets, only the preset that is in front will receive updates. This is where the BCR Performer Application comes into play.

The application allows you to have 16 presets within a single BCR preset. BCR Performer acts as a memory device that does a far better job than the BCR hardware. It will store every single MIDI CC that is assigned to something in your host software (ie. Ableton Live).

When you choose a preset, all the knobs and buttons on your BCR are updated to reflect the values of the parameters assigned to that preset. 16 presets sending messages on 16 MIDI Channels. A knob that transmits CC1 on Channel 1 in the 1st preset will send out CC1 on Channel 14 when you select the 14th preset.

To remember what all these parameters do, the BCR Performer Application allows you to create text labels for the 16 presets. You can also import and export label files. CC values are not stored. Most audio software like Ableton Live store the values in their project files. These values are transmitted to the controller (or the application in this case) when you load a project or turn MIDI Learn on and off.