Steal Their Sound: Willie Adler (Lamb Of God)

It's Grand Theft Axe as TG reveals the gems stashed inside professional gigbags!

Lamb Of God guitarist, Willie Adler, talks us through his gear list.

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Guitar and amplifier

Will Adler ESP (£2,129)
"It has Seymour Duncan JB59 [pickups] and a toggle switch but I always stick on the bridge. The neck has way more of a rounded tone, which is really good for a bluesy type solo with that warm round sound to it, but not so much with what I'm doing."

Mesa/Boogie 4x12 cabs (£1,099)
"There's no microphone on any of these speakers. There's one cabinet in an isolation box way off the stage that's mic'd. That way the mic never moves during load-out, and you get the same sound every single night."

Effects pedals

Rocktron Hush Super C (£245)
"When I'm onstage I can pick up interference from cell phones and lights or I can hear pilots' radios from planes because I'm wireless – it comes right through my speaker. This eliminates buzz, noise and feedback."

DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate (£189)
"This compressor is also a gate. There's a certain amount of gain that you can get out of those, but it also helps with compression and feedback as well. This helps me keep a really tight sound."

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV (£2,549 for Mark V)
"This has a five-band EQ on the front, so I scoop a little bit more mids than Mark, which helps the dynamic between the two of us. Especially when he solos, Mark can just sit up on top. I kick up a little bit more low end."

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