First look: Bogner Uberschall Pedal

Get those legendary amp tones from this box

Image 1 of 4 The new Bogner Uberschall Pedal
The Uberschall is built in a black metal shell
Image 2 of 4 The Boost switch
The Boost switch has its own volume knob, allowing you to make any sudden dynamic changes as you wish, at your control.
Image 3 of 4 The tone knobs
Unlike most distortion pedals, the Uberschall features the essential tone knobs, allowing you to scoop the mids and adjust your sound like an amp.
Image 4 of 4 The ins and outs
This Bogner pedal also give you the option of controlling from a unit with the remote jack. Running on a 9V battery or DC power supply.

The Bogner Uberschall Pedal aims to deliver the same aggressive hi-gain tone as the Bogner Uberschall amplifier. We've just received one and will be bringing you a review next month. For now, here's our unboxing.

The Bogner Uberschall is available from, priced £199.

You can read the full review in next month's issue of Total Guitar!
(Issue 240 on sale 15th April)