Seems that in 2012 an iPod dock simply isn't up to scratch unless it can wirelessly connect (via AirPlay) to your iDevice and belt out the tunes while you stride around remote dialing in your set.

This does of course ditch the incredibly useful feature of charging your pod while it plays, but thankfully the NS-X1 also features a dock on top should you require juicing.

Connection was quick and easy - after grappling with a very plastic remote - and it reliably found, joined and magically made itself available every time it powered up. Net radio proved less successful however, it being far easier to find your station from iTunes or an app than get it direct.

Sound quality was thick, mid-defined and generally good but rather bass-light and - thanks to the plastics involved and small speaker components - loud, but never 'fun' or or particularly 'ass-kicking'.

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3.5 / 5 stars

AirPlay works well enough; sound is decent…


…but by no means outstanding; struggles a bit with net radio.


If you truly need AirPlay this works, and sounds just fine.

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AirPlay-enabled iPod docking station

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