Bram Bos Tunafish review

  • £16

A sequencer that's small but perfectly formed

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Our Verdict

Tiny yet feature-packed, Tunafish represents terrific value.


  • 1.8MB installation file. Cheap and simple.


  • Some stuck notes with certain plug-ins.
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Pointing out that not everyone needs all the features of a full-on DAW, Bram Bos has brought us what must be one of the smallest VST-compatible sequencers ever.

Despite its size (the install file weighs in at a meagre 1.8MB), though, Tunafish offers plenty of features, including reverb, delay and flange effects, a built-in sampler, MIDI learn, and the facility to play up to ten instruments or samples at once.

A standard piano roll-style display is used to input notes. Your sequences can go on for as long as you like and are known as Segments. Several Segments can be arranged to form a complete song, which can then be mixed down using the extremely simple mixing console (just ten faders, basically).

Automation can be recorded (though you can’t edit it), and you can even freeze parts if your CPU starts to overload.

While we had a bit of trouble with some stuck notes on certain VSTi’s, Tunafish is still a real bargain.

Tech Specs

DescriptionCongratulations, you've caught the Tunafish, the most accessible vst/music sequencer you?ll ever find.
Min Processor Speed (GHz)1
OS RequirementsMicrosoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows XP
Ram Required (MB)256
Required Hard Disk Space (MB)2