Rotosound The Crusader

Classic chorus sounds

The Crusader from Rotosound features Rate and Depth knobs, like you'd find on just about any chorus pedal, but it also has a Level knob that mixes the chorus effect in proportion with the dry sound, and runs from no effect at all up to a 50/50 mix.

"The Crusader delivers a very nice warm chorus reminiscent of early Boss effects"

With the LED flashing rhythmically to illustrate the setting of the rate knob, the Crusader delivers a very nice warm chorus reminiscent of early Boss effects, but can take things further with a faster rate. Indeed, the last segment of travel on the knob can give you a useful approximation of a Leslie rotary speaker.

The full-on chorus that was all over many 80s recordings is not for everyone; however, with the mix knob blending in a small amount of effect, there's plenty of shading of the 'enhanced tonality' type that could work in many musical genres. With rate and depth up full, you can even add in a little ring mod flavour.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Wide choice of musical choruses. LED rate indication. Hand-made in the UK.


Just the size.


Great for full-on or minimal vintage chorus sounds this is a chorus pedal that's big on versatility - as well as just big!


125 x 70 x 260

Available Outputs

1/4 Inch Jack

Available Inputs

1/4 Inch Jack

Battery/Adaptor Type

9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor



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