Line 6 Sonic Port

Guitar to iPad connection

Line 6 has previously released a device for connecting guitar and iOS called the Mobile In, which we found came unplugged from the 30-pin port a little too easily. The new Sonic Port, however, offers a much more solid link because it sits solidly on a flat surface and connects to your device with either the supplied 30-pin or Lightning cables, offering 24-bit/48kHz audio quality and 110dB dynamic range on the guitar input.

In Use

"Perfect for GarageBand and any other CoreAudio music apps, the Sonic Port also comes with an associated app - Line 6's Mobile POD"

Perfect for GarageBand and any other CoreAudio music apps, the Sonic Port also comes with an associated app - Line 6's Mobile POD, which offers 32 amps, 16 effects and 16 speaker cabinets, over 10,000 preset sounds and a music player so you can play along to songs from your iTunes library.

It also integrates with the free Jammit app, giving you the correct sounds for Jammit songs. This app isolates individual audio tracks within original master recordings and lets you see the notation and tab so it's an excellent learning tool. You do have to buy individual songs, though.

Guitar and stereo line inputs, plus headphone and stereo line outputs, ensure that the Sonic Port can take care of numerous scenarios in connecting instrument and iOS. The line out is a huge bonus in that you can use the tones on your device and play through studio monitoring, a PA or even your guitar amp.

It might lack a USB connection and input gain control, but the sound quality, connectivity options and Mobile POD app make it a great choice.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Sound quality. Connectivity. Good accompanying apps.


No input gain or USB.


The Sonic Port's app integration and connectivity options have upped the game for guitar to iOS connection.



Sampling Frequency



iOS audio interface for guitar

Supported Bit Depths



Guitar and stereo line inputs; headphone and stereo line outputs; bus-powered

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