Guitar Man Plug 'N' Play English Channel

Any mention of English or British here means tones based around the EL34, which, in turn, usually means Marshall. The P'N'P range also includes a Super Lead unit, but here it's less about impact and more about these valves' squashy nature.


Even at full gain, the tone is cleaner than expected, thus giving a rhythm sound that's closer to AC/DC than Van Halen, albeit without the depth of either. However, when using a humbucker with a decent output, the backed-off sound is expressive for those hard-hitting 12-bar riffs.

This unit suits tones requiring more subtle overdrives, but aside from the lack of gain, it's a perfectly useable option.

MusicRadar Rating

3 / 5 stars

Gives some genuinely good tones, but…


…it can take a while to find them.


If you're happy to go easy on the gain, it's worth a look.

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Gain Tone Volume

Device Type

Headphone guitar amp

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