Freshman Guitars FA250DCE

Looking for a gig-ready dreadnought electro-acoustic? Here's a breath of fresh air for you

When you lie back and think of Dsus4, acoustic guitars crafted in China are not the most immediate fantasy to spring out of the ether and grab you.

To some, a strummer made in the Guangdong province fails to attract that mythical kudos. That is misinformed snobbery. The Freshman FA250DCE, with its immaculate unplugged and electro-acoustics, will demonstrate why.


"Quality is everything," insists Freshman, whose approach is simple: guitars are lovingly designed in the UK; wood is meticulously sourced; the guitars are assembled by hand in China and after going through 12 quality control checks, the guitars are finished.

The FA250DCE has a flawless finish, marking it as a genuine contender in the shark-infested market for mid-range electro-acoustic guitars.

In use

When we took the FA250DCE out of its case, we were struck by how tactile the natural satin finish is and what a clean design the Freshman has.

With a tasteful mahogany rosette and pleasing herringbone centre back and binding, plus a sitka spruce top and back and neck and sides of solid Canadian mahogany, it really is a player's guitar.
The neck is incredibly comfortable and addictive.

Genuine tonal control comes from the powerful Schertler preamp. Be careful though; the Schertler's bass and treble can overpower the guitar's natural tone.

But it's really just a question of judicious adjustment to keep the sound lively and dynamic. A bit like the Freshman really. Who needs mythical kudos when you can have a great guitar?

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Immaculate finish and build. Great neck and tone.


You might be tempted by the local's open mic night.


Freshman guitars, remember the name, as we sure won't forget the quality.

Country of Origin


Available Controls

Bass Treble Volume

Available Finish

Natural Satin, Mahogany Rosette inlay and binding, Herringbone centre back and binding

Body Style




Fingerboard Material



Gold bespoke machineheads, onyx buttons

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