Mint Royale's Singin' In The Rain remix set to top the charts

Britain's Got Talent gives big beat act a hit

Mint Royale Singin In The Rain remix

Originally released in 2005, when it stalled at number 20 on the UK top 40 singles chart, Mint Royale’s Singin’ In The Rain remix is on course to reach number 1 on Sunday. The track provided the soundtrack to 14-year old George Sampson’s series-winning dance performance on Britain’s Got Talent, which aired last Saturday.

Formed in 1997, Mint Royale originally featured Neil Claxton and Chris Baker, but Claxton has been the sole member since 2004. The band previously broke into the mainstream with their remix of Terrorvision’s Tequila, which made it to number 2 in 1999.

Damn it, that man thinks of everything.

By Ben Rogerson