How to make a DIY laptop stand with a coat hanger


To quote Snoop Dogg, we've all got our minds on our money and our money on our minds. As computer musicians, the credit crunch has inevitably curved our spending power, which is why, when a thrifty laptop-user comes along with an ergonomic accessory for the price of a coat hanger, we are eternally grateful…

To save space, money and a hunched back, a young man from Beijing has built a laptop stand from a wire coat hanger, posting a seven-step DIY guide on Instructables in the process. The finished article certainly looks the business, but he does point out that you'll need a 'very heavy duty' hanger to pull it off. His is chrome plated, no less.

DIY here. Next week: how to make a synthesizer from a pumpkin.

Coat hanger laptop stand

Coat hanger laptop stand

(Via: Engadget)