WIN! Bare Knuckle pickups for your guitar

Pimp that axe with one of three sets of pickups

WIN Bare Knuckle pickups for your guitar

Bare Knuckle Pickups is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and we've got a brilliant competition lined up for you, regardless of what style of guitar you play: by entering below, you can put yourself in line for a chance to bag a pair of Bare Knuckles for your guitar.

Need humbuckers? We've got a set of Black Hawks, sporting Bare Knuckle's Radiator covers. Playing a Strat? The triple-pronged Cobra Strat single coil set will see you right. Finally, Tele players can max out their tonal capacity with a Piledriver Tele neck pickup, and the new Cobra T bridge single coil.

On top of this, each winner will receive a Bare Knuckle merch bundle, including a t-shirt, lanyard and stickers.

Enter here for Black Hawk

Enter here for Cobra

Enter here for Cobra T & Piledriver

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