What's up with that Metallica graphic?

Website posts different versions this week

Image 1 of 3 Metallica graphic June 12
Metallica graphic from June 12
Image 2 of 3 Metallica graphic June 11
Metallica graphic from June 11
Image 3 of 3 Metallica graphic June 9
Metallica graphic from June 9

Since June 9, a mysterious image on the Metallica website has puzzled fans across the globe.

Under the headline "???" the graphic originally appeared with what looked like either the initials "DC" or two opposing magnets. An updated image on June 11 added the initials"EI," making it then apear as if it was to be read "DEIC."

Yesterday, June 12, the image was again updated, and it now appears to read "DEETIC."(Compare all three versions in our photo gallery.)

Since June 9, there has been no word as to what the image represents or whether it will form part of the cover artwork for the band's much-anticipated new studio album. The CD is due out in September, with the title expected to be announced soon through the new Mission: Metallica web site.

In other Metallica news, the band will play today at Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival.