This eye-popping Ghost In The Shell guitar is an ingenious manga/anime tie-in

TC-Gakki's headless electric based on series' Tachikoma combat vehicle

This eye popping Ghost In The Shell guitar is an ingenious manga anime tie in

As any musician who has visited Japan will attest, Tokyo's TC-Gakki store is something of a mecca for guitar tourists, thanks to walls of rare models and used bargains, but the shop also produces the occasional instrument of its own - and as you'll see from this Ghost In The Shell-inspired electric, they certainly stand out from the usual fare.

Based on Tachikoma - the artificial intelligence combat vehicle that appears in the manga, anime and forthcoming Scarlett Johansson-led film - this hand-crafted guitar is one of the most faithful media tie-ins we've seen yet.

Round volume/tone knobs mirror the Tachikoma's eyes, while on/off switches for each pickup and a neon-light fretboard continue the theme - the guitar's body also bears the logo of the series' counter-cyberterrorist organisation Public Security Section 9, and a rear-mounted metal plate reads 'Ghost In The Shell (Stand Alone Complex)'.

Spec-wise, the Tachikoma GT is notable for a maple neck-through basswood body (the maple itself is visible from the rear), DiMarzio DP-193 and DP-161 humbuckers and an ARM bridge tuning system, which is required since the guitar doesn't have a headstock - after all, nothing says futuristic like a headless design.

Of course, movie-inspired guitars are nothing new, but the concept behind this one is quite remarkable. The Tachikoma GT is available to buy now for ¥756,000 - that's around £4,800 or $7,000 - from TC-Gakki, and a video is promised soon. Now, that we'd like to see...