The Submarine pickup promises to make one guitar sound like two

New pickup allows you to apply effects to just two strings

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Designed to fit both acoustic and electric guitars, The Submarine pickup picks up signal from two strings, allowing you to apply effects to just this signal - adding an octave pedal to your bottom two strings gives you instant bass, while adding overdrive and delay to upper strings offers a bigger guitar sound.

A three-way switch offers three configurations: one string on, both strings on, or off, while using a stereo cable allows you to send each string to a different effect or amp.

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Using The Submarine requires no modifications to the guitar; a nano-material suction pad holds it in place, and early prototypes have been bought by big names such as Bon Iver, Royal Blood and Laura Marling.

Singer-songwriter Pete Roe (formerly of Laura Marling's band) developed The Submarine when he was unable to bring his bassist on tour, and found that he could emulate a bass using various prototype pickups.

The Submarine launches on European crowdfunding platform Ulule today – check out The Submarine for more info.

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