Squier unveils The Cribs signature Ryan Jarman guitar and Gary Jarman bass models

New offsets for UK indie outfit

The Jarman bros, longtime fans of offset Fender guitars and basses, have taken a leaf out of former collaborator Johnny Marr's book and landed themselves a signature model each, thanks to Squier.

Ryan Jarman's Signature Guitar - interestingly, there's no model designation here - mashes together a host of body shapes, producing something in between a Jagstang and Mustang.

A short 24" scale length is paired with a Duncan Designed Jaguar single coil in the neck and a high-output humbucker in the bridge, controlled via phase and on/off switches for each pickup, plus master volume and tone controls.

Scenesters will also love the stunning Burgundy Mist finish, vintage-style Jazzmaster bridge, large '60s-style headstock and metal control plate.

Gary Jarman's Signature Bass - again, no model name - goes for a P-Bass meets Jazz Bass vibe, sporting the P-Bass split-coil middle pickup and original headstock plus Jazz Bass control knobs.

Elsewhere, the bass offers a 32" scale length, HiMass bridge with three vintage-style brass saddles, a metal control plate and natty Ocean Turquoise finish.

The Ryan Jarman Signature Guitar and Gary Jarman Signature Bass will be available from September for £345 and £330 respectively.