Ryan Adams says Dig Out Your Soul is like Kid A

Ryan Adams would make a rubbish chameleon

Ryan Adams is clearly a big Oasis fan. Following claims in a recent blog that 2000's Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants is "Led Zeppelin classic", a recent interview saw Adams heap praise on Oasis's latest long player.

Hearing Dig Out Your Soul for the first time apparently reminded Adams of his first listen to Radiohead's groundbreaking Kid A album:

"The first time I heard Kid A I went, okay, I have no fucking idea what kind of music this is but it's moving me. It sounds like a revelation," Adams commented.

"That's what the new Oasis stuff sounds like. It sounds like they have entered into some strange uncanny spiritual crazy door and have just lost themselves completely to it and it is marvellous."

"I have no fucking idea what kind of music this is but it's moving me."

Adams also praised Liam Gallagher, saying he "can't believe how far he's come."

As far as we know, alongside MusicRadar's Chris Wickett, Ryan Adams is the only other person in the world whose favourite Oasis album is Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.

What does Wickett think of the Dig Out Your Soul/Kid A comparison? "It sounds like Oasis, mate."

The jury is out…

(via The Quietus)


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