Pro Tone busts out the Rams Skull Fuzz pedal

This thing just might kick back

We have to admit, the folks at Pro Tone Pedals sure get an A for appearance. Take a look at that artist's rendering - now, that's what we call a pedal!

With the new Rams Skull Fuzz, Tone Pro infuses old-school scound with new-sckool attitude. A combination of high-quality metal film capacitors along side ceramic disc caps give the Rams Skull a distinctive feel and tone. Additionally, the company uses modern production transistors rather than vintage New Old Stock transistors in order to maintain a consistent product. The Rams Skull is available now and sports the following features:

Tone, Sustain, and Volume controls
Operates on a standard nine-volt battery or BOSS-style adapter
True hardwire bypass with grounded input for noise-free operation
Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
Durable powder coated aluminum housing
Super-bright LED for easy onstage identification

And one wicked design, to be sure. The Rams Skull Fuzz lists for $199.00US. For more information, visit the official Tone Pro Pedals website.