My Morning Jacket's Jim James salutes George Harrison

Jim James (Yim Yames) pays 'Tribute' to Harrison on new EP

My Morning Jacket's Jim James will honor George Harrison on an EP of the late ex-Beatle's songs called Tribute To.

Due to be released on 4 August, the disc is described as having "a serene quality that mourns the loss of a legendary spirit."

James, who said he felt compelled to cover Harrison's songs within days of the former Beatle's death in 2001, told Billboard that he "was in the weirdest head space" when he recorded the EP.

Confused, but in a good way

It's definitely not the most professional recording you're ever going to hear in your life, but I like that" Jim James on his EP tribute to George Harrison

"I felt really confused a lot of the time. I wanted to just do it and let it come out even if I messed stuff up. It's definitely not the tightest or most professional recording you're ever going to hear in your life, but I like that."

James is using the pseudonym Yim Yames on Tribute To. Fans can preview the EP beginning 7 July (when pre-orders for CD and vinyl versions of the EP get underway) via

Can't wait? Behind That Locked Door is already available as a free download at the website. Portions of the proceeds from sales of the EP will go to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Tracklisting for Tribute To:

1. Long Long Long
2. Behind That Locked Door
3. Love You To
4. My Sweet Lord
5. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
6. All Things Must Pass


Joe Bosso is a musician and journalist from New Jersey, USA. He is ex-Editor-in-Chief of Guitar World magazine and ex-Vice President of A&R at Island Records