MusicRadar's greatest hits of 2013: August

Beyonce: did MusicRadar users rate her as a live performer?
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Think back to August and you'll recall that the festival season was in full swing, so MusicRadar tool the opportunity to celebrate the 40 best live acts currently touring the world.

Speaking of performers, Slipknot have always been renowned for putting on a show, but it was their gear, tone and being flat broke that we spoke to Mick Thomson and Jim Root about.

Also getting his chat on was Synyster Gates, as he discussed Avenged Sevenfold's Hail To The King track-by-track.

On the gear front, it was time for us to round-up the best budget acoustic guitars currently on sale, while it was with sadness that we reported the death of Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes.

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