Instantly set and recall the sweet spot on any knob with Guitar Clutch

Pot mechanically sets new minimum level on volume and tone controls

We all know how volume knobs work: turn it one way for maximum signal, turn it the other way to shut it off; the in-between, however, is guesswork, unless you're using the Guitar Clutch, which allows guitarists to instantly set and recall the sweet spot on any knob.

Once fitted, the Guitar Clutch can be used to set a new minimum pot value by simply lifting the knob and setting it to a new point on the pot's travel - the setting can be changed at any time.

The unit comprises two parts: a lower fixed nut and rotating shim, and installation is simply a case of swapping over a guitar's existing nut 'n' knob.

Clever stuff. The Guitar Clutch is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where each Clutch costs $49.