Gibson goes virtual with Second Life’s Gibson Island

We've barely got time for one life, let alone a second one in cyberspace

Gibson Guitar has become the world's first musical instrument company to launch an island in Second Life, the virtual 3D world inhabited by over 14 million geeks...oops, we mean subscribers.

Launching officially on 16 July 2008, Gibson Island is shaped like a Les Paul, and features 'humbucker mountains' containing theatres where participants can watch video footage including classic blues performances by the likes of Howlin' Wolf.

Also, if your dream Gibson guitar is financially out of reach in the real world, then as a Second Life resident there are over two-dozen virtual Gibson models you can 'own'. Your virtual guitar can then be customised by Myriam Beck, Gibson Island's official virtual luthier.

A full programme of launch concerts is taking place in the virtual world including a performance from former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch, while Gibson Radio will broadcast music and live interviews from legendary Gibson artists.

The official Gibson website carries a full events schedule and an extensive guide to Gibson Island.