Foldable stage concept for versatile bands

Are you bored with square stages?

Foldable stage
Imagine the possibilities...

Glastonbury Festival's main stage – The Pyramid Stage – is shaped like, you guessed it, a pyramid. While it makes a pleasant change from the standard rectangle, the stage's frequenters: Jools Holland, Billy Bragg, Rolf Harris etc, are probably bored with it.

The AMS33 could be the answer: a foldable stage concept designed by Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola. It just won first place in the Trimo Urban Crash international design competition for architecture students and will be built 'on-location' in Ljubljiana, Slovenia, this summer.

Here's our favourite excerpt from the designers' description: "The color is white, however, the type of site indicates that after some period of time it may be covered with graffiti."

(Via: Yanko Design)