Crate 1215 tube amp goes Steampunk


Steampunk Workshop's Jake Von Slatt has finally crafted something worthy of plugging his Clockwork Strat into: a fully-functioning Steampunk amplifier.

Born a Crate 1215 amp (valve, of course), housed inside an original 1930's radio cabinet adorned with a vintage grill from an old speaker, brass rimmed sound holes and an etched brass plate for the controls.

Even the power cable was striped, replaced with climbing rope and "a suitably vintage plug". As ever, Jake Von Slatt carefully documented the whole process.

This particular mod was commissioned by none other than Abney Park's guitarist Nathaniel Johnstone. The Steampunk band (yes, there is such a thing) will be showing it off at this year's Carnivale Mechanique, details of which can be found here.

Steampunk amp

Steampunk amp

(Via: BoingBoing)