Taylor Hawkins replaces The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson

Wilson's unfinished solo work gets reworked

Taylor Hawkins replaces The Beach Boys Dennis Wilson
Holy Man: Taylor Hawkins

Foo Fighters sticksman Taylor Hawkins is all set to replace the late Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys for upcoming single Holy Man. Interestingly, Hawkins isn’t on drums; he’s singing.

Dennis Wilson was one of the founding members of The Beach Boys and drummer for the band until he died in 1983. Holy Man was one of Wilson’s unfinished tracks, which is being reworked as part of a reissue of his only finished solo album: Pacific Ocean Blue.

NME.com reports on the reasons for choosing Taylor Hawkins with a quote from Gregg Jakobson, co-writer of the original Pacific Ocean Blue album: "I always said: 'Taylor, you sound just like Dennis'. Taylor is just a natural. He came in, he did the vocal within an hour and I really think he knocked it out of the park".

You can hear Taylor Hawkins’ singing prowess for yourself in this video - live from Hyde Park in 2006.