Five Greatest Rogers

In celebration of the announcement of Kenny Rogers having announced a brace of UK dates, we’ve compiled the Guitarist List of Rogers...look, it’s a slow news day.

In no particular order...

Paul Rodgers
Not the new voice of Queen but the singer of a whole new band. OK then... Great set of pipes, though.

Roger Daltrey
The legendary gravel-voiced singer of The ‘Orrible ‘Ooo. Likes trout. A lot...

Roger McGuinn
The 12-string-strumming, blissed-out, turn, turn, turning leader of The Byrds. Nice Rickenbacker, chap...

Roger Waters
Bass-playing, tantrum-throwing singer and bassist with Pink Floyd. Not expecting a Christmas card from David Gilmour any time soon...

Roger Newell
own God of the Bass and former Rock Wakeman bottom-ender. He was in the office today, actually. Lovely man!

Roger the Cabin Boy
The sadly mythical member of old TV pirate Captain Pugwash’s crew. Also made up was Seaman Staines and Master Bates. Gutted...

Ken’s dates for his 2009 tour include the following and tickets are now on-sale...

Cardiff CIA - March 27
Birmingham NIA – March 28
Manchester MEN – March 29
Newcastle Arena – March 30
Plymouth Pavilions - April 1
Nottingham Concert Hall – April 2
London Hammersmith Apollo – April 3
Bournemouth BIC – April 4

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