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Album Of The Week: Exit Calm – Exit Calm

Exit Calm

Exit Calm

Club AC30 Records

British debut with a big sound and great future ahead

The best British guitar bands of the last 25 years have often paired otherworldly guitar with the very earthly emotions of hope and despair. It's a mix mastered by very few but already highly potent on this Barnsley four-piece's debut. It's soaked in Rob Marshall's guitar; a bold player with a keen grasp of creatively using delay and reverb to create a huge canvas for these addictive songs that meld the band's psychedelic tendencies with sharp hooks.

Standout tracks: Hearts And Minds, Reference, When You Realise

For fans of: Doves, The Verve, Puressence

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9tHeKgtm-c