WIN an awesome Rob Papen synth by sending us your Reader Patches!

Send in your synth and effects patches and we'll write about them in our new Reader Patches section and put them on the DVD. What's more, whoever sends in the best patches each month can take their pick of a brilliant Rob Papen synth: Blue, Albino, Predator and his latest, RG!

If you've made patches for your favourite synths and effects that you'd like to share with other Computer Music readers, then our all-new Reader Patches section is the place to do it. Send us your best efforts and we'll put them on the disc for all to try, and we'll write about them in the magazine too!

All you have to do is send your patches in VST/AU/RTAS format (no samples, please!) to

As a tantalising incentive, the author of the best patches submitted each issue will in return receive a fantastic Rob Papen virtual instrument, courtesy of the generous peeps at Time+Space! Mr Papen is as renowned for his superior patch design skills as he is for the great soft synths that bear his name, so what better prize than this?

Even better, Time+Space are giving you the choice of which synth you'd like to take home: Predator, Albino 3, Blue or even the yet-to-be-released RG!

So, send us your finest patches without delay, and one of the below lovelies could be yours!