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Video: Korn guitarist Munky on his Majik Box Krush pedal

James Shaffer, better known as Munky, is the guitarist with California metallers Korn and he's teamed up with Majik Box to design a new distortion pedal, appropriately named The Krush.

The pedal has four controls: Level, Drive, Tone and Focus and, according to Munky, is designed to help turn any clean-sounding amp into "a massive sounding distortion".

The focus knob can be adjusted to vary the pedal's mid-range and is designed to help players with seven and eight string guitars adjust their tone.

The Krush distortion also features true bypass and a 9V power supply connection.

Check out the video above to see Munky talk through some of the tones on the Krush Distortion and keep an eye out for an interview with the guitarist in a forthcoming issue of TG.