TG204: Classic rock special!

The latest issue of Total Guitar, TG204, is now available on news-stands nationwide. You can't miss it - it's the one with the bitching picture of Eddie Van Halen on the front… Here's what's online and in the mag this month.

In the mag:

Classic Rock!
We look at the guitarists behind eight of the albums that shaped classic rock, including features/interviews with Van Halen, KISS, Thin Lizzy, Toto, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Journey and Bon Jovi!

Valve amps VS Solid-state
In what we're terming 'the ultimate battle of good versus evil' (OK, it's really not THAT clear-cut) we pitch valve amps against solid-states.

Guess who's on album number nine? Yup, and we've got an interview with their ever-inspiring guitarist Munky.

Electro Rock Guitar
Tips and tricks on how to create the electro rock styling, championed by the likes of Russell Lissack (Bloc Party/Pin Me Down), Vampire Weekend and Hot Chip.

Tabs, tabs, tabs… and more tabs
Learn to play Ryan Adams 'Firecracker' (strum-along), Santana 'Black Magic Woman', The Surfaris 'Wipe Out', Blink-182 'All The Small Things' (all full tabs), Van Halen 'Eruption' (part one), Slipknot 'Surfacing' (full guitar AND bass tab).

On the site:

Tab: Play like Phil Collen of Def Leppard!
With the issue already jam-packed with classic rock content, we couldn't fit this in this style profile of Phil Collen. Read his interview in the mag, then steal his moves…

Audio: Four low-watt valve amps
The four amps featured in our Rocked and Rated group test put through their paces by TG's Stuart Williams and Chris Bird. Hayden, Blackstar, Orange and Jet City all go head to head. Give 'em a listen then grab the mag for the full review.

Enter this month's competitions and you could win one of two Soldano-signed Jet City amps, or a pair of tickets to October's London Music Show.

TG204 on sale now: classic rock special

TG204 on sale now: classic rock special

Image: © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

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