String 'Em Up: Lamb Of God

Got a burning question for Mark Morton or Willie Adler from Lamb Of God? Here's your chance to String 'Em Up!

We'll be talking the modern metal guitar titans this weekend. If you have a question for Mark or Willie let us know on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail before Friday 8th June. If we print your question in the mag then you'll receive a free set of D'Addario strings!

Finally, remember we're a guitar mag, so although we may slip in a few general ones, if you ask a question about their guitar playing, gear or songwriting you're much more likely to get it answered.

Stuart Williams

I'm a freelance member of the MusicRadar team, specialising in drum news, interviews and reviews. I formerly edited Rhythm and Total Guitar here in the UK and have been playing drums for more than 25 years (my arms are very tired). When I'm not working on the site, I can be found on my electronic kit at home, or gigging and depping in function bands and the odd original project.