Lemmy Prefers Axe To Sword For Killing

It's got nothing to do with guitars, but by jiminy it's funny.

Motörhead mainman Lemmy reckons axes are much better than swords when it comes to slaying record label jobsworths.

In an interview with Metal Maniacs, the be-moled frontman revealed his dislike of "greedy fucking labels" who unnecessarily release repackaged albums for no reason, like Bronze Records in Japan, who have just re-released nine Motörhead albums complete with cardboard sleeves and 24-bit remastering.

"Why's it necessary in the first bloody place?" he mused. "If they're worth re-releasing because they're out of print or something, fine, but why not put them out as they were when they first came out? I just wanna grab a sword and impale the guy whose idea it was.

"Actually, an axe would probably be better. People tend to fear an axe more than a sword, don't they? The axe is only gonna take your head half-off so it's laying on your shoulder and you're still aware, just running around all panic-stricken… So yeah, an axe is better."