Hammett: "My Solos Sound Like Angus Young!"

Kirk Hammett

reckons his solos on new Metallica record

Death Magnetic

sound like Angus Young's!

In new fly-on-the-wall footage posted on MissionMetallica.com (view below) the Hamster reveals his solos sound like more like the AC/DC guitarist's than anything he has ever played before.

"It doesn't like anything I've ever done," he says. "The guitar sound is a little bit more aggro. It's less creamy and my playing is way different from previous albums. It's almost like an Angus Young kind of feel...

"I'm playing with a lot of open strings. Angus does a lot of open string stuff. If I was putting a general description on it it's kinda like Angus Young type stuff. It's the sound, it's the attitude, it's the liveliness. Minus all the pentatonic stuff..."